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Be ready for change

When you discover and live out your personal Plan of Change you are irresistible as a candidate!

Industry insiders accept that business transformation and technology go hand in hand. The last seismic shift in transformation thinking took place in the 1980’s. With the rapid rise of the PC, organisations needed to move on from ‘transactional transformation’ which centred on making best use of mainframe-based resources. In it’s place, we gained ‘management transformation’ – a hub and spoke model in which one highly talented executive hand picked an elite team of professionals.

Forrester’s term Hyperadoption describes how customers expect to interact over the social platform and device. As apps and platforms multiply, customers experiment and adopt novel behaviours. Savvy companies recognise ‘hub and spoke’ transformation focused on an elite increases risk. Under this model the pace is too slow to innovate, invent and keep up with shifting customer preferences.

Futurepreneur.cloud is a forum of leaders ready for this next seismic shift which we have named Hyper-transformation. Ever increasing apps, platforms and devices translates into new and unforeseen interactions. Customers expect the crispness, response and efficiency of Google or Apple in every experience. As Forrester points out, the customer experience is devoid of emotion – all they ask for is that the digital service they ask for is fulfilled and low in cost.

Today by age 30, many candidates will have held down four positions often in different industries. By age 40, people settle into a career path of as many as seven roles. Each candidate group offers deep insight into customers, systems, data and business practices to prepare organisations for hyper-transformation.

Organisational transformation creates the most fulfilling opportunities for everyone. If we’ve learned anything from the past decade of digital disruption, choosing the best opportunity involves decisions from a position of knowledge.

As a candidate at more interviews than there are bug fixes to MS Office, it’s very easy to be swayed by market perceptions of what is ‘hot’ and what is coming. These perceptions can be so off the mark that recruiters are sucked in to filling roles with no resemblance to the transformation objective.

Joining the Futurepreneur community will help put the hype into perspective. By introducing thought leaders backed by useful tools you gain a unique opportunity to convert current knowledge into pay dirt as you prepare for the next phase in your career.

Welcome aboard.

Errol Kruger, Founder

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