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Business technology talent crunch looms

Why the need for a Futurepreneur community?  With a predicted 12 percent rise in new business technology jobs over the next decade, are you ready for change? That prediction comes from Adecco, the world’s largest recruiter. It means a looming talent shortage. And that spells a potentially alarming gap between capacity and business’s capability to fulfill it.

Three consistent business problems

Futurepreneur works at the junction of people, innovation, and technology. With more than 20 years’ experience in change management and digital transformation founder, Errol Kruger has identified three consistent problems plaguing business:

  • Too much data but too little information
  • Suppliers misrepresent their capacity to deliver ever more ambitious expectations
  • Disappointment means lack of a plan B, and distrust between commercial partners.

Futurepreneur offers a forum in which business leaders, present and future, shape technology implementation and customer adoption. Through Futurepreneur, leaders design and develop business breakthroughs to:

  • Improve data quality
  • Clarify spending directions
  • Identify investment sweet spot for success.

This creates customer-focused leaders capable of hyper-adoption, brings about digital transformation, and future-proofs their businesses.  If radical change in business technology excites you,  join the Futurepreneur community and become a leader in how technology shapes the world.

Who is Errol Kruger?

Errol Kruger, Founder Futurepreneur

How to tackle the technology talent crisis

With a technology talent crisis fast approaching, who can you trust to guide you through the rapids of digital transformation?

Futurepreneur founder, Errol Kruger, has navigated the turbulence of ICT personally and on behalf of major organisations for more than 20 years.

With his formal qualifications and vast ICT experience, Errol is also part of the change that continues to sweep across the business landscape.

He is a commercial specialist in information, business, and communications technology at both strategic and implementation levels. His skills cover technology research, procurement, and control, supplier relationship management, and spend and contract analysis.

He also has advanced expertise across mainstream corporate and government ICT services with a flair for innovation in data security, software, cloud application services, infrastructure, and support.

Personal transformation identifies three business problems

In his personal transformation to Futurepreneur, Errol leverages two decades of learning and experience to identify the three technology problems that beset business:

  • Too much data but too little information
  • Suppliers misrepresent their capacity to deliver ever more ambitious expectations
  • Disappointment means lack of a plan B, and distrust between commercial partners.

Futurepreneur now leverages his knowledge to help organisations and mid-career executives future-proof themselves.

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Futurepreneur gave me clarity during a recent business critical transition between service providers.

To get up to speed quickly and prepare for negotiations, Futurepreneur gave us a balanced view of strategic options grounded in market research and ICT commercial practices.

The compelling pitch and rehearsals made the options real for relevant negotiation issues. As a result there is a clear path from today’s product release to future business technology requirements.

Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Futurepreneur researched and presented a strategic plan for software investment to fill a long-term gap.

With immense digital disruption, and planned upgrades and retirement of software, Futurepreneur provided a sanity check.

The Futurepreneur consultants showed they are effective in managing the unpredictable.

Methodically, Futurepreneur made sense of conflicting data sources to create a clear line of sight into spending and consumption.

At every step, Futurepreneur ensured management was invested in the approach. Today,
the Australian Taxation Office is in a better place by gaining an understanding of optimal sized projects in the ‘sweet spot’.

One of Futurepreneur’s strengths is that they enable staff to implement the findings within their capabilities and with limited external mentoring. This approach is vastly superior to any other because
it develops internal competencies for less than half the cost of a fully outsourced consultancy.

Australian Taxation Office